Transform Your Breath, Transform Your Life!

Transform your Breath, Transform Your Life

with Transformational Breathwork™

Saturday, December 7th, 10-12:30 pm, $25

Transformational Breathwork™ is a spiritual self-empowering healing technique designed to open the respiratory system, clear the subconscious of negativity, and allowing a deeper alignment with our highest potential.

People seek this remarkable technique to open up their respiratory systems to gain a greater sense of awareness and heath, help heal old wounds and facilitate life changes. The founder of TB, Dr. Judith Kravitz, “came to teach this work after curing herself of throat cancer and witnessed thousands of similar healings in others.” Read more of Judith’s book, “Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly” and view the Transformational Breathwork™ Foundation’s website, http://www.transformationalbreathing.com.

Here are just some of the benefits of TBU
*Improved Energy

*Greater circulation

*Greater athletic ability

*Lower blood pressure

*Lower heart rate

*Lessening of arthritic restrictions

*Greater awareness of self and others

*More love and an open heart

*Improved relationships

About Our Presenter: Bethany Howard’s practices in Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy took her on a remarkable healing journey that brought more joy, understanding, sensitivity, intuition, comprehension, patience, capabilities, a nurturing nature, greater health and wellness, and a fuller presence in her own being and heart. Practicing Transformational Breathwork™ (TB) over the past 17 years has served to enhance and solidify these aspects, and the sharing of it with others has become her passion. Clientele she has worked with includes children, teens, seniors, the dying and all ages in between, as a co-trainer, workshop presenter, and thousands of individual sessions.

Dec. 7th , 10-12:30. Investment $25

Although Dragonfly will supply blankets and cushions, you may bring your own mat (or borrow one of ours), and feel free to bring any pillows you’d like in creating an extra “comfy nest” for your breath session. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferably sweats or cotton.

Visit our Workshop & Events page to register!

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