Ayurvedic Cleansing with Dragonfly!
Detox, Revitalize, Nurture, and Renew 

Your Body, Mind, & Spirit


Our Traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse gives clients an opportunity to clear stagnant energy, clean out the channels of our digestion and elimination by rooting out toxins in our bodies and processed foods in our diets, lose those stubborn pounds, create and learn how to sustain a healthier diet, lifestyle, and how to navigate our way back into balance after periods of stress or illness.

Participating in a group cleanse can offer you just the tools you need to re-organize, set healthy intentions, and enjoy the support you need from a group leader and fellow cleansers.

Many people cleanse annually, although it is recommended in both Spring and Fall to help you maintain optimal health year round. The traditional Ayurveda cleanse is a 15-28-day commitment (we choose 21 days) with a mid-cleanse mono diet of Kitchari or dahl, along with yummy Indian spices (kitchari is a thick soup made with rice, and dahl is a lighter soup). Along with ghee, fresh fruits, cooked veggies, appropriate spices, and whole grains, the Ayurvedic cleanse is light but wholesome, is grounding for fall, and it supports body, mind, and spirit, making it sustainable and a healthy option for almost everyone. We include important information on Ayurvedic self care to help you optimize your experience, and your package includes sesame oil for self massage and oral care. Our cleanse is wholesome, grounding, clearing, and supportive to your mental, physical, and spiritual well being! 

OUR NEXT GUIDED CLEANSE BEGINS: TBA Our cleanse includes an opening day group meeting  where you will receive instructions for your cleanse, kit materials and details,  with a time to learn about basic Ayurvedic principles. The experience also includes two yoga classes to support you during your cleanse, as well as online resources, handouts, recipes, cleanse materials, group Facebook support page (email option for those not on FB), and three weeks of check-ins to see how you are doing, all for $168. Non-kit option for those who have completed the Ayurvedic cleanse with Katie allows you to purchase your own supplies: cost $108. Please contact Katie to learn more about our Fall Cleanse: dragonflyoga@gmail.com or (603) 707-7529

*Returning Cleanser Option: $108 (for those who have completed a 21-day cleanse with Katie in the past and who know the protocol well enough to purchase their own ingredients). New cleansers must choose the “Full Cleanse” option to participate.

What this cleanse will help you do:

  • Restore a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
  • Foster both clarity and grounded-ness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres and offer support to cleanse mental clutter, physical and energetic blockages, and to help us clear our living spaces so that we emerge clean inside-out, mentally and in our physical bodies and personal environments
  • Nurture an improved sense of energy and vitality
  • Support sound sleep
  • Promote regular elimination
  • Help re-establish one’s natural state of balance
  • Prepare the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation
  • Promote optimal health


  • Opening Yoga Class at Dragonfly Yoga Barn & Kick Off Meeting in the Dragonfly kitchen where you will learn cleanse protocol and some cooking tips!
  • Your complete Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit (7 days of Kitchari ingredients, herbs, massage oil, ghee, and detox tea)
  • 3 Weeks of Guidance: Preparation Phase; Active Cleansing; Re-Integration Phase
  • Online Support Group via Facebook (or email) with Ayurveda notes, recipes, and more!
  • Payment via Venmo (we will set up a link), PayPal, or check. Paypal fees apply for online payments.

Please contact Katie to learn more about our upcoming FALL 2018 Cleanse: dragonflyoga@gmail.com or (603) 707-7529.