Sacred Sister Circle Workshop

Women of All Ages and Stages Come Together

Save the Date! December 8th, 6:30 pm

“How would the world be different if we each had a circle of open-minded and open-hearted people to sit with once a month? Who listened to our truth without judgment, without trying to fix us, counsel us or console us, but who simply held a place for our beauty and our true nature to unfold? How would we be different if once a month we practiced the art of witnessing, of being fully present to the truth of another?”

Since fire was discovered we have been gathering in circles. As modern 21st women, we have the opportunity to remember, reclaim and reintegrate the power and magic of the circle into the journey of our lives.

Our first opportunity to experience and co-create the circle was with Satya Dasi and Kelly Ulrich—setting intentions, sharing and cultivating the art of bearing witness to support, strengthen, and empower ourselves an each other. Katie will facilitate our second meeting, where we again welcome each other to the circle, and take time to share precious time practicing the “HeArt” of holding space with each other. Please bring an object to add to our Sisterhood altar for the evening, and arrive with an open mind and heart!  Snacks and tea will be provided.

When: Sunday,December 7th, 2013 ~ 6:30 pm

Location: Dragonfly Yoga Barn, Sandwich, NH

Cost: By donation (Suggested $10)

RSVP to Katie: dragonflyoga@gmail.com

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