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Heart-Based Meditation Course

Next 4-week session begins November 9th!

9-10 am on Mondays (NEW DAY!!)


Inner Peace

Given the stress and anxiety of modern life, it’s no surprise that so many are seeking inner peace. And the key to inner peace is meditation.

Misconceptions about meditation abound. Getting rid of thoughts is one of these misconceptions.

Getting rid of thoughts is hard. Almost impossible. Like if I told you NOT to think of an elephant. How’s that working for you? (a little humor is helpful, right?)

Yet simply watching thoughts is also hard and often brings little in terms of inner peace.

Where is your monkey mind coming from?

If you don’t know how consciousness works, then it is hard to understand how the emotions and desires get pushed up into our meditation as thoughts.

You need a practice that will release the energetic imprint of the emotions, stresses, and shocks to our energetic mind-body system.

Heart-based Meditation is a complete system that allows the mind to settle, that is effortless and that deals with the energetic and emotional stresses that keep us from finding inner peace.

It is the gateway to healing the source of stress.

Easy Meditation Now


Heart-based Meditation is natural.

It is effortless.

It is based on how the mind works with sound, a mantra we will use when we sit.

It is based on discovering the inner aspects of the heart beyond emotion. 

It is easily learned in 4-week course, 1 hour of class per week.


​*Instruction is done in a 4-week course, 1 hour per week live with supporting videos and emails in-between classes.

*You must attend the first session in person. First session runs long, so plan 90 minutes. It is recommended all sessions be attended live with the group, but if you should miss a week, know that we will be taping sessions and can send a link for a missed class if necessary.

*The live classes are offered online 9-10 AM EST via Zoom. Once you register, we will send you a welcome email and directions for  how to access the online class each week. The first class will be a little longer than one hour, so please plan accordingly.

*We offer this course free of charge, but the suggested donation is $100. Most people donate between $50 and $200 for this course. Research shows the more you invest in yourself, the more benefit the practitioner feels.  Please donate what feels right for you! Even if you cannot donate, you will receive the same instruction and welcome!

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About the Instructor

Katie O’Connell, owner of Dragonfly Yoga Barn, is a long-time yoga practitioner and veteran teacher, is an Ayurveda Health Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and Heart-Based Meditation teacher. She leads yoga teacher trainings and retreats at Dragonfly and around the world, incorporating her love of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, nature, and music into all that she does!

Katie is certified in Heart-Based Meditation by New World Ayurveda and Dr. Paul Dugliss, the same mentor and teacher with whom Katie studied Ayurveda in 2015. She is so excited and grateful to offer this program to all willing students, as it has had profound positive impacts on her own life and the lives of so many of her students. She is particularly grateful to her teacher, Dr. Paul Dugliss for his guidance and passion for sharing and teaching this wonderful method of effortless, mantra-based meditation.

About Heart-Based Meditation

By Dr. Paul Dugliss, M.D.,

“I have been a physician, author, healer, counselor and coach. I learned meditation as a teenager and have been practicing it for over 40 years.

In 2007, after noticing how much faster my meditating patients would heal, I undertook to work with a team of highly evolved souls to develop a meditation technique that was easy, practical and accessible. The result was Heart-based Meditation. As I worked with it more, I came to realize how practical and efficient it is in promoting inner peace, happiness and healing.

My goal now is to help people elevate their consciousness and awaken the power of their hearts to find healing, happiness, and enlightenment.” — Paul Dugliss, M.D.

NEW MEDITATION SERIES Mondays, November 9th-30th, from 9-10 am. This is an every other month series Katie is offering that will be a 4-week opportunity to learn an effortless daily meditation practice with the guidance of a trained teacher and the support of a small community. Each week Katie builds on the practice with additional information, group practice, a chance to ask questions, personal support, and short videos in between sessions to help you build a practice that is easy, routine, and sustainable. This series is by donation, and once you register, you will be given opportunities to support the program. The benefits are infinite–as are you! Join us for this special series that demystifies meditation and makes it easy! Please email me if you would like to learn more. To register now, see listing above under WEDNESDAYS.