Yoga Nidra~The Art of Conscious Relaxation

How to prepare for the Yoga Nidra Practice:

*Wear comfy clothes

*Set up your mat with a thick blanket on top

*Bring your bed pillow

*Have a second blanket to cover you

*Turn your lights down low

*Make sure the room is quiet and free of distractions (turn your phone off, unplug landline, etc.)

Perhaps most importantly, we set an intention for the Yoga Nidra practice. This intention is called a Sankalpa, and it is an opportunity for each one of us in the class to co-create a specific and personal healing intention with the Universe. Your Sankalpa may be your heart’s greatest longing, or it might be a specific mind, body, spirit goal that helps you align with your unique purpose! Either way, the Universe has got your back and knows how to support you on your journey in this life.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient and powerful healing modality found in the oldest philosophical yoga texts, and that offers the participant a deep state of conscious rest and relaxation during which one’s awareness of the subtle energy body is expanded. While reclining comfortably, participants are guided through each of the koshas (five layers of your being), all while remaining perfectly still. The goal is to remain “awake and aware,” even though the physical body is enjoying profound rest. The class includes a short settling down and in period, full guided Yoga Nidra practice,  and a re-awakening transition.  Please arrive 10 minutes early  to check in and set up your “nest.”

Yoga Nidra is proven to: *balance the autonomic nervous system *create calm in the body and mind *strengthen the immune system *lower blood pressure *relax the busy mind *incite our natural ability to heal ourselves *increase one’s creativity *increase the flow of prana in the body *relieve pain, and more!

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable Yoga Nidra last night… warm and cozy with all your blankets inside. Your barn is spectacular and I can’t believe I’ve never been. So many friends of mine have told me I should go. I slept well last night… very peaceful.  Namaste  ~Barb

Conditions addressed by Yoga Nidra practice: PTSD, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, MS, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, cancer, eating disorders, digestive conditions, addiction, aggression, stress, asthma, and the list goes on!

Please enter class quietly with your “mute” on Zoom.

For your practice, gather your bed pillow, a cozy blanket, and wear comfy clothes or pjs. Prepare for the bliss!!


 Katie is certified in this method by the California College of Ayurveda as a Yoga Nidra Specialist.

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