We are now using ZOOM to broadcast our Practice Schedule LIVE!

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It’s been years that I’ve wanted to try to post one of my yoga classes online… but to be honest, the idea of having my face out there on the WWW makes my tummy flip and my voice shake! Besides, who really wants to see this silly mug on a computer screen? So I’ve stayed in my comfy barn and played it safe. Now, suddenly, I am getting in front of a live camera every day and sharing yoga. Amazing what a crisis will do to force your growth, right? Our entire Dragonfly Yoga Barn class schedule is now online!


SATURDAYS @ 8 am: All Levels 5 Element Flow

SUNDAYS @ 4:30 pm: Yin Yoga

TUESDAYS @ 4:30 pm: All Levels Flow

WEDNESDAYS @8 am: Slow Flow

THURSDAYS @ 4:30 pm: Vinyasa Flow

FRIDAYS @  8 am: Yin Yoga

More class times coming soon!

HOW DO WE DO THIS?  We will use ZOOM, an online meeting platform, perfect for taking a livestream Yoga Class. You can easily access Zoom here: whether you are on your computer, laptop, iPad or phone. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE THE APP to participate, as I will be sending out a specific class link for registrants. You DO need to have a good internet connection for the feed to play smoothly on your end.

To join any of the Dragonfly Yoga classes above, simply hover over the name of the class, click to register and choose your payment option, then 30 minutes before the class begins, we will send you the LIVE Yoga link, so that you can easily join the class on ZOOM. We ask participants to do their best to register at least an hour before class to help us streamline the process.


If you plan to be a frequent ZOOMer, you can download the Zoom app for free ( ZOOM APP ) on your phone, tablet, or laptop. I will be sending the daily link for our Zoom classes out via email to those who have registered about 30 minutes before class. We ask that you complete the registration process at least 30 min. prior to class time to aid in our ability to support your entry to class.

I’ll also be on Facebook to keep you in the loop: KATIE on FB  If you are on Facebook and are already “Friends” with Katie, you can also join a dedicated private  group called DRAGONFLY YOGA LIVE w/ Katie, where I will be offering free guided meditations, free live mini posture clinics, and free group card readings from my Animal Spirit and Yoga card decks to offer daily inspiration. Stay tuned for these!


Payment for classes is an energy exchange between you and me. Dragonfly Yoga Barn’s physical doors may be closed for the time being, but in order to keep the virtual doors open, your support is essential. We thank you in advance for your ongoing patronage, and are so happy to offer you virtual classes filmed inside the Yoga Barn, and hope these offerings support your Body~Mind~Spirit wellness in the coming days, weeks, and months.  I am committed to helping all of us, regardless of ability to pay, to navigate through this stressful time. 

RATES for Livestream classes on ZOOM

  • $10 adult / per class
  • $5 for high school and college students under 25
  • Pass Card: You can use your current Dragonfly Class Pass to pay for class.
  • Sliding Scale: If you need a little break to help make yoga more affordable for you right now, please select the option to pay $5-$8 (you choose the amount w/ Venmo). 
  • No one will be turned away for inability to pay; please reach out to Katie and Declan via email ( if paying for yoga is a financial hardship, and we are happy to waive the class fee while you are in need.
  • Support Others: Some of you have asked to help others pay for yoga classes: If you feel inspired to donate to a pool to support those who are unable to pay for yoga right now, please Venmo Declan at: @Deccybaby, and in your payment note, write: Karma Yoga Friends.  

Yoga, meditation, and pranayama (breath work) have all been documented to decrease stress, bolster the immune system, and offer us a sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. What are you waiting for?

Stay tuned here for updates! We look forward to seeing you in the virtual studio at Dragonfly Yoga Barn!

Much Love,

Katie & Declan 

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