Yoga Nidra Workshops!

Jim in Kripalu catalog (sitting)Yoga Nidra & The Koshas:  

Charting the Landscape of Your Inner Terrain 

Join us for TWO special workshops with Jim Readey, The Yoga Center, Concord

April 20, 1-5 pm: Yoga Nidra – “Surfing the Self” will teach us how to explore – and give us a first-hand experience of – the five classic aspects of our being known as the koshas. (Body, emotions, mind, etc.) We will also be introduced to our elusive “sixth kosha”– the one that, importantly, holds the key to our ultimate liberation, and the secret to living our life in complete Joy. $88.   

April 27, 1-5 pm: Yoga Nidra – “Releasing the 5 Lies That Imprison Us” will focus our attention into our subconscious so that we may observe – and ultimately let go of – the five most destructive beliefs we each carry. Unfortunately, these falsehoods go largely unnoticed, creating within us a deep sense of loneliness, despair, and suffering throughout our lifetime. This workshop will show us how to release this burden, so that we may live our life in absolute Joy. $88.   

SAVE  by registering for both workshops:  $150 

NOTE:  Add $20 to price to walk in the day of the workshop. 

About the teacher:  In addition to earning Level III Teacher certification from Richard Miller’s iRest training program, Jim is a Kripalu-certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Instructor, and Yoga Teacher Mentor. He also has extensive training as a Thai Massage Practitioner and Conscious Communication instructor. He runs The Yoga Center in Concord, NH, where he has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. Jim’s practice blends the physical benefits of yoga with its power to awaken compassion, self-awareness, and self-love. In his classes, students discover how to relax deeply, develop physical strength and flexibility, release tension, and find serenity of mind, body, and spirit. 

To read more about the Koshas on Jim’s blog, visit: http://www.nhyogacenter.com/2013/04/want-a-happy-fulfilling-healthy-abundant-life-get-to-know-your-koshas/

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