Dragonfly Anniversary!

Welcome October & Happy 8th Anniversary Dragonfly!

Greetings from everyone here at Dragonfly as we enter one of the prettiest months of the year here up on the hill.  The leaves are turning, the air is getting crisp, and we even lit our first fire this weekend.  It is hard to believe we are celebrating 8 years of our studio being open, and as always, we are so grateful for your presence on the mat, at retreats, for events, trainings, and workshops, and for just being wonderful neighbors and friends. We have enjoyed these first 8 years, and are looking forward to many more!

Although we are not planning any parties or events this year in tandem with our anniversary, we are offering a 10-pass raffle on Saturday, Oct. 8th!  All you have to do is attend class, buy a $5 raffle ticket (or two or three!), and you could win ten classes ($120 drop in value, but really… Priceless!!).  And as we have every year, you are welcome to bring pumpkins and mums to decorate your sacred space—in India temples, monuments, and statues of dieties are adorned with flowers and incense to show love and respect.  I love that our community continues to do this each year when we celebrate our communal anniversary!


Mondays  ~  Studio Closed
Tuesdays @ 4:30 pm  ~  All Levels Flow
Wednesdays @ 8 am  ~  Slow Flow
Thursdays @4:30 pm  ~  All Levels Flow
Fridays @ 8 am  ~  Yin Yoga
Saturdays @ 8 am  ~  Flow, Yin, Restore
Sundays @ 4:30 pm  ~  Yin Yo


Sunday, October 16th, 1:30-4 pm
with Lindsay Mayock, D
octor of Physical Therapy,
Mountain Center Physical Therapy
The pelvic floor is Lindsay’s specialty,
and she is excited to bring us this workshop all about the
mysteries and magic of the pelvic floor!

We have all heard “do your kegals” at one point or another, but rarely do we have a true understanding of what they are, why we are doing them, or how to do them properly. This workshop will change that. Lindsay will discuss the basic anatomy of the pelvic floor, symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction, and how to mindfully address our pelvic floor health throughout life. This class will include an informative presentation with a lively discussion as well as some practical applications and instructions in pelvic floor exercises. We will also break down some yoga postures to highlight the pelvic floor and to maximize the benefits of our yoga practice. So, don’t be shy! Join us as we refute some common pelvic floor myths, learn to tap into our own pelvic floors, and get to the bottom of one of the most important yet elusive aspects of women’s health!

What to bring:
*There will be handouts provided, but if you’re a note taker, you may want to bring a notepad and something to write with.
*Wear comfy clothes, something you’re comfortable moving around in!
*Bring a yoga mat if you have one.
*Plenty of water and a snack if you’d like!
*Any questions you may already have about the pelvic floor!
Cost of Workshop:  $45 Please Register online: https://dragonflyogabarn.wordpress.com/events/

Ayurvedic Self Care Workshop
Saturday, November 12th, 10 am~12:30 pm
with Katie O’Connell,
Ayurveda Health Practitioner, ERYT

“Dinacharya” is the word we use in Ayurveda for a collection of self-care routines one practices daily/weekly to return to and maintain proper balance in the mind and body. Routines can include but are not limited to: tongue scraping, neti pot, abhyanga self massage with oil, nasya (nasal oiling), oil pulling (mouth), aromatherapy, rosewater eyewash, and creating your own daily tea with appropriate spices for your dosha.

In this workshop we will learn about (and practice!) the importance of self-care routines and how to add them to our lives with ease. AND you will take home the tools you need to begin a Dinacharya routine. Workshop includes: 4 oz Rosewater Eyewash, tongue scraper, and Abhyanga massage oil with essential oils, (a $20+ product value!) Plus receive recipes for a good morning lemon flush, all-day dosha balancing tea, and a spiced bedtime milk! WEAR: We will practice a mini oil massage for the arms/legs/feet, and you can shower at home, so BRING an old towel, old sweats or yoga pants and short sleeve as well as long-sleeve top, and SOCKS you don’t mind getting oily. Comfy clothes for sitting and moving (and if you are doing oil massage, wear clothes that you don’t mind wearing after oiling/washing off oil).

$49 Register Now to get the workshop and of your self-care products for the Early Bird rate! https://dragonflyogabarn.wordpress.com/events/

Registration Fee after 11/1: $60

We hope to see you all on the mat this week to help us mark our 8th Anniversary!

Much love,

Katie & Declan

Dragonfly  Yoga & Ayurveda

(603) 707-7529


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