12/21: Solstice Sound Medicine Journey

Sold Out!! Please email Katie to join the waitlist: dragonflyoga@gmail.com

From the sweetness and repose of your yoga mat, you will be guided by ceremonial instruments from around the world, including beautiful gongs, rattles & seeds, singing bowls, and of course, Steven Bachmann’s handmade didgeridoos (also spelled didjeridu). To prepare you for the journey, Katie will help you clear away the exhaust of the day and lead you to a place of deep comfort; and then miraculously, Steven invites us on the journey of sacred sound, and the music becomes the medicine as we allow every layer of our being to resonate with the vibrations emanating from wood, crystal, air, metal, our own bodies, and the earth itself. Steven will be supported by Gabby Casey.

SOLD OUT! Please email Katie to join the wait list: dragonflyoga@gmail.com


Steven says about the sacred medicine of sound:

“We do not have to search far to find examples of the healing that sound can bring to us in our daily lives.  Ocean waves crashing on the beach, a rushing waterfall, the chirping of spring birds or a favorite song.  We take this natural response to sound vibration and combine it with intention and breath to form a powerful tool of healing and inner exploration.  This tool is Sound Medicine.   It creates a unique experience of mind, body, spirit connection and allows us to see ourselves in new ways.  This new perception provides an opportunity for us to take an active role in our well-being and empowers us to release pain, emotional stress, tension and unhealthy patterns while stimulating and bringing forth a greater sense of wholeness, clarity, and creativity.

The didgeridoo, gongs and singing bowls are some of the instruments that we use to introduce sound vibration to the body.  Sound vibration brings movement within the body, clears energetic blocks and stagnation and quiets the mind.  When the mind chatter is subdued we can more easily turn inward, let go and release; making space to restore and rejuvenate the vital energies of mind, body and spirit.

It is through our intention that we explore what healing means to us.  Intention brings awareness to particular areas of our bodies and of our lives.  Whether we seek relaxation, relief from pain, to find forgiveness or creative inspiration, intention is the guiding force behind our sound medicine experience.

Breath is life and it connects us to every part of our being. The breath is our main focus throughout the sound medicine experience and it is what keeps us engaged with it.  Attention to a soft, relaxed, and steady breath is encouraged as we allow the experience to unfold on its own.”

~Steven Bachmann, Sacred Sound Artist
Didgeridoo, Gong, Bowls, and Indigenous Instruments

The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.

~ Deepak Chopra

Join us for an evening of sacred sound medicine, and of all nights, on the Winter Solstice, in time with the New Moon. Allow the sweet darkness to envelop each of us in the womb that is this precious season and bring forth the magic of our own amazing journey!