Ayurveda and Student Health

Hi Everyone, especially parents of teenagers and college-aged students.  As a parent of two kids in this category, I know first-hand what kind of stress studying can bring to students (and their parents), and living away from home for the first time can compound stress for kids, leading to less sleep, a change in eating habits (not to mention digestion and elimination), anxiety, skin disturbances, and more.

I thought I’d post a little 3-tip article from Maharishi Ayurveda that can help parents and their students navigate the stress of school (and how this stress manifests in your physiology) with some helpful hints and herbal remedies that might make a huge difference to your child’s well being. If you have any questions about the remedies noted in this article and want to learn more, please let me know via email: dragonflyoga@gmail.com (ONE Y), or visit the MAPI link at the bottom of my Ayurveda page to read more!


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