Valentines Partner Yoga

Join Katie & Declan for a playful yoga class that will get you and your partner twisting, balancing, bending, and laughing together! Whether your partner is your sister, your bestie, or your lover, this class will bring joy to the heart and help us feel a little more connected to the ones we love. Newbies and experienced Yogis alike will enjoy the variety of simple poses, as well as a few challenge poses, always with lots of variations and the support of your partner!

Alright, we know you’ve been stuck with your “people” inside for a year now, and maybe you have had enough of them (haha), but we hope this playful class will help you to lighten up with each other, as well as snuggle in and enjoy the intimacy of your friendship and how good it feels to actually wrap your arms around someone you love! 💗

For this class, you and your partner need to be in a space large enough for two yoga mats side by side (it’s okay if you don’t have mats), and it would be great if you have at least two blankets, two cushions for sitting on, and if you have blocks or other yoga props at home, have those around too! Wear comfy clothes, and by all means feel free to have your Valentines treats nearby to sweeten your experience!

Only $25 per couple to register OR if you are a pass holder, use your pass and treat a friend! 💕