Myofascial Yoga Series

Tuesdays: Feb. 7, 15, & 22, 5-6:30 pm

Both in studio & online!!

Register for the Trio $44; or Drop in: $22 per class. Classes are 90 minutes in length and include savasana.

Myofascial release is a gentle manipulation of the muscles and the fascia (soft tissues) of the body. Through rolling and pressing into these tissues, we work to release tension in the fascia due to patterns in our posture, trauma to tissues, or inflammation in the body. This connective tissue surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body–it literally pervades the entire human body! If fascial movement is restricted in some way, one can experience pressure in muscles and even on nerves, which can lead to pain and inflammation. The self Myofascial release we practice in this series helps students to warm up, target points of tension in their own muscles and tissues, using the balls and other tools specified. Lisa leads students through various yoga flows both before and after MR, so students can feel the “before” and “after” of releasing tissues in the body. It is quite astounding! Ample time is offered for relaxing in savasana. Your body will thank you!!

*2/8: Superficial Back Line: From the bottom of our feet to our forehead, the backline connects and protects the entire back surface of the body. In this class we will flow and roll through the entire back body, exploring how releasing the fascia might give us a greater range of motion and release tension.

2/15: Superficial Front Line runs from the tops of our feet up through our shins, quads, abdominals, sides of neck, and skull. Get ready for a vigorous core and front body flow with a yummy release at the end.

2/22: The Lateral Line ‘brackets” the sides of the body, and helps to balance front and back lines. Target areas include the “IT” band, glute max, abdominal obliques, intercostals of the ribs, and sides of the neck. Class includes a fun flow targeting these less often thought of muscles with a release, hydration, and investigation of how these areas affect both the front and back lines of the body.

About your teacher: Lisa Buerk is a 20+ year veteran yoga practitioner and has been teaching yoga since 2015 after earning her 200-hour certification with Katie O’Connell & Melissa Scagliarini here at Dragonfly. Lisa is currently enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s advanced teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank, including significant training in self myofascial release, and is a “RAD” Mobility & Recovery Specialist, allowing her to teach others how to practice self myofascial release using balls and other tools. Lisa teaches in person and online at Dragonfly Yoga Barn and online for Discover Health in Conway, NH.

For all classes, bring a pair of Myofascial release balls or tennis balls to class. Blanket rolls and blocks can also be used to work the soft tissue, so having a variety of props near your mat is handy!

Trio Special $44!

Drop into a single class $22


*Six students required to host any specialty or series class. Please register early to be sure your special class has enough students to run!