Healy Frequency Device

Healy is an FDA-cleared, Class-2 Medical device you can hold in your palm and use no matter where you are. Healy is FDA cleared for pain due to arthritis, pain associated with muscle aches or strains, and for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and relief of pain associated with arthritis. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s a great YouTube tutorial about Healy: HEALY SCIENCE

How am I using Healy? Two main ways:

  1. For myself (I know, it sounds selfish, but self care is high on my priority list!!) So, I use it every single day for my own well being. One of my favorite ways to use it is for the management of pain. If I pull a muscle, Healy is my go-to. If my joints act up, I reach for my Healy. Healy allows me to choose the program I want to run for myself, or I can allow the Healy to choose the appropriate “resonance” for me. That is one of the most amazing parts about this little device; and the possibilities are endless!
  2. Healy Client Appointments! Healy is so versatile, I can offer appointments in person or remotely! We can do a full-on Healy assessment, or we can work on a specific injury, pain, or health issue you might be experiencing. Although there are over 120 programs available on the Healy, the only ones that are FDA cleared are those for management of pain.

*Private HEALY micro frequency session: Katie can work with you on a pain management program, or reach out to create an individual program just for you! $85/hr for an in-person “resonance” scan & treatment. Mask required. If you are a first-time client and would like a “distance” session, select a specific target area or program Katie can deliver remotely.

For regular Healy clients, select a Healy “tune up” session on a program of your choice SPECIAL $50 (distance only). Tune ups take 1 hour. During your session you need to be relaxed and focused on your healing, but you can be home knitting, napping, reading–great way to get support w/o leaving your house!

If you are curious about how the Healy can positively impact your wellness, now is the time! Email me: dragonflyoga@gmail.com