Covid Notes

We want to make sure that our events do not pose any health risk for those who participate in our gatherings or the community at large. This requires each person to be personally responsible for their health on any given day.

Many other yoga studios and gathering places like our own have adopted modified guidelines over the past 3+ years for students, concert goers, retreat guests, and yoga teacher trainees, and although most venues are fully open to all guests, we feel very strongly, that the planet’s health should be both a personal and communal priority.

Our sanctuary is here for everyone, but to eliminate any potential health risks to those who gather we please ask that if you have a cold, cough, sniffles, congestion, a virus or flu, please practice from home. We reserve the right to ask any student or guest to depart the studio if they are exhibiting symptoms of cold or flu and / or pose a direct threat to the health and well being of any other student in the studio. All of our classes have online options for your convenience. For RETREAT groups, please scroll down for specific information about attendance at retreats.

Please read all the information below carefully, 
before you come to any event this season.


If instructed by the State of NH or CDC, we will reinstate a health policy, as needed.



  • We have a variety of classes via livestream, and encourage anyone who is uncomfortable in the studio setting to attend one of our online offerings.
  • Our studio opens 15 minutes before the start of class. We appreciate that you arrive a minimum of 5-10 minutes prior to class, so we can begin class in a timely manner. Please sanitize your hands upon entry (at the front desk), and check in with Katie or Declan upon arrival. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER for any class.
  • We have begun to offer physical adjustments during classes. If you would like to refrain from being adjusted, please let the teacher know. 
  • We ask you to bring your own props if you have them and/or to bring a facecloth to place over our props when resting your face/head on a cushion or block.
  • We will continue to clean all touch point surfaces, and washing restrooms between each class.
  • Please feel free to wear your mask if it makes you feel more comfortable when you attend classes.
  • Please respect other people’s space and boundaries. Ask permission before hugging or touching. It is important to maintain social distancing, unless otherwise invited.
  • For RETREATS: It has been our policy that guests are fully vaccinated prior to attending a retreat at Dragonfly, as we are living together, dining together, practicing together, and sharing spaces–both wide open and cozy. It is also the O’Connell homestead, where we live year-round, and we want to keep it safe for our own family. MOVING FORWARD with all new retreat bookings for 2023: We are shifting this decision to the retreat leader, and ask you to be responsible for the health history of your group. We still ask all group leaders require their guests to provide a negative covid test prior to arrival. We thank you for your patience and commitment to keeping our community healthy now and always.

Regardless of vaccination, PLEASE STAY HOME if you are unwell, or have been around anyone who has felt unwell. 

Thank you for respecting our policies during this time.

~Katie, Declan, Family & Staff