Chakra Yoga Series

7-Week Chakra Flow Series Continues Jan. 18th @ 5 pm with Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra!

It’s been awhile since Katie offered a Chakra series, and it’s time to get back to the good juju!! Each week we will focus on a chakra, dig into a fun sequence that builds to a peak pose for the chakra of the week, and then enjoy a Chakrasavasanahhhh! Part of the fun is that students will receive a specially-made pdf from Katie on the Chakra of the week!

Chakra Series ~ $77 for all 7 classes! Single class drop in is $15 If you register for the full series, you only need to fill out the registration form one time. If you are “dropping in” to a single class, you must fill the form out each time you want to join class. *Class passes do not apply to specialty classes or series classes. Missed classes in this series can not be credited or transferred. If you cannot commit to all 7 classes, you might prefer to choose the “drop in” option.


Each class is 90 minutes long, builds from start to finish around a specific chakra (and threads the others in with each additional week!). Katie will lead a guided chakra-savasanah at the end of each class, leaving your physical and subtle body balanced and restored!

During each class, Katie will have her HEALY micro~frequency device running a specific chakra program during class to enhance the entire experience! If you would like to learn more about the Healy or experience your very own personal HEALY session with Katie devoted to any one or ALL of the chakras, set up an appointment soon, as they are limited and going fast!

And another super-cool thing!! Katie is creating a special Chakra page for each class, so you can expand your understanding and awareness of each chakra as we move through the series! Students will receive a pdf each week to collect and refer to anytime you like!

Register NOW!