What else is possible for you that you haven’t yet chosen?

In this dynamic one day workshop, we will dive into the tools of Access Consciousness that can be applied to everyday life and learn the hands on body process called the Access Bars. These tools and techniques will skyrocket your perception and knowing to access change, choice, and possibility.

Join Raji Kelley Simpson for this transformational training!B4D764B8-32AD-4E2A-91F6-F6CD87523D15
‘The Bars’ is a system that consists of 32 points on the head that relate to different areas and aspects of life. (money, sex, relationships, communication, aging…) When these points are gently touched, it releases the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, considerations, and decisions that may be limiting you.
After the workshop, you will be a Certified Bars Practitioner and can share the bars with clients, family, and friends and easily integrate the tools of access into your world.

How does it get any better than that? ❤️

It’s a wonderful add on to massage or other modalities or take it for your own delight. No bodywork experience necessary.

Are you ready to receive the totality of you?

Cost of the training is $350

or $175 if you are repeating the workshop!

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