Summer BEACH Yoga!



followed by YinYasa w/ Katie!

Beginning Monday, June 11th we are adding a new morning class combo of Mantra and Meditation, followed by an hour of YinYasa. Each Monday at 8 am, Katie will teach a mantra and/or mudra which will lead into a 20-minute meditation from 8-8:25 am. Mantras may be spoken, sung, or repeated silently; some weeks we will sing a chant, and others we will speak the words together. Mudras are hand positions taken to create focus and for the purpose of a specific effect in the body or mind. Katie will teach how to use mala beads to help you focus on a mantra and during meditation, but malas are not a required component of this class. Feel free to bring your mala beads if you like!

YinYasa begins at 8:30, and students are welcome to attend just the asana practice or the entire class. YY students can enter the studio at 8:25 to set up for asana. YinYasa is a style Katie has been teaching for 10 years, based on Sarah Powers teachings integrating the Yin and Yang styles of asana practice, along with an awareness of the Meridian lines, organs, and tissue layers of the body, a practice Powers calls “Insight Yoga.” Katie shares her profound love of anatomy and the subtle body in this special class, designed to get your week off to a peaceful yet energizing start!

BEACH YOGA! Beginning Tuesday, June 19th!

Beginning Tuesday, June 19th at 8 am, we are back at Sandwich Town Beach for a Summer of sweet morning yoga by the waters of Squam! The class is open to all levels and consists of gentle stretches, a slow flow sequence to honor the rising sun, and always savasana on the sand, toes in the water, and maybe a little song by Katie and the local birds to coax you into relaxation! Bring your towel or old yoga mat, a beach blanket if it’s chilly, and let the magic begin!! Class is $10 (or use your Dragonfly pass). Checks and cash only.

Sandwich Beach Warriors

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