DETOX, Refresh, & Renew Cleanse

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse with Dragonfly!

DETOX, REFRESH, & RENEW Your Body and Mind!

Beginning April 19th!!

Our Traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse gives clients an opportunity to clear stagnant energy, clean out the channels of our digestion and elimination by rooting out toxins in our bodies and processed foods in our diets, lose those stubborn pounds, create and learn how to sustain a healthier diet, lifestyle, and how to navigate our way back into balance after periods of stress or illness.

Many people cleanse annually, although it is recommended in both Spring and Fall to help you maintain optimal health year round. The traditional Ayurveda cleanse is a 15-21-day cleanse with a mono diet of Kitchari (a thick soup made with rice, dahl, and yummy Indian spices) offered in the middle week. Along with ghee, fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains, the Ayurvedic cleanse is light but wholesome, and it supports body, mind, and spirit, making it sustainable and a healthy option for almost everyone. We include important information on Ayurvedic self care to help you optimize your experience, and your package includes sesame oil for self massage and oral care. Our cleanse is wholesome, grounding, clearing, and supportive to your wellbeing!

OUR NEXT GUIDED CLEANSE BEGINS the week of APRIL 17th! SPECIAL RATE of only $125 includes initial group meeting with intro to Ayurvedic cleansing, instructions & a mini-cooking class, 2 gentle yoga classes to support you during your cleanse, online resources, handouts, recipes, the Banyan Botanicals Ayurveda Cleanse kit ($70 value), group Facebook support page (optional), and three weeks of personal check-ins to see how you are doing! Please contact Katie to join our Spring cleanse. ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT! REGISTRATION CLOSES Tuesday, 4/11 at noon. To learn more or join, please email: dragonflyoga@gmail.com or call Katie: (603) 707-7529

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