Ayurveda Self Care 1/14/17


Happy Healthy New Year!

Treat your body and mind to a workshop all about how to hit the re-start button and cultivate healthy routines. In this class you will learn a basic self-care routine, called Dinacharya in Ayurveda, including how to nurture your winter skin with self massage, how to oil your nasal passages, using rosewater to soothe dry eyes, skin, and hair, not to mention how to keep your insides lubed and fine tuned as you head into these chilly mid-winter months! What a great holiday gift for a loved one! Gift Certificates available!

Saturday, January 14th, 10 am -12:30 pm
with Katie O’Connell, Ayurveda Health Practitioner, ERYT, AYT

“Dinacharya” is the word we use in Ayurveda for a collection of self-care routines one practices daily/weekly to return to and maintain proper balance in the mind and body. Routines can include but are not limited to: tongue scraping, neti pot, abhyanga self massage with oil, nasya (nasal oiling), oil pulling (mouth), aromatherapy, rosewater eyewash, and creating your own daily tea with appropriate spices for your dosha.

In this workshop we will learn about (and practice!) the importance of self-care routines and how to add them to our lives with ease. AND you will take home the tools you need to begin a Dinacharya routine: Workshop includes: 4 oz Rosewater Eyewash, tongue scraper, and Abhyanga massage oil with essential oils, (a $20+ product value!) Plus receive recipes for a good morning lemon flush, all-day dosha balancing tea, and a spiced bedtime milk! WEAR: We will practice a mini oil massage for the arms/legs/feet, and you can shower at home, so BRING: an old towel, old sweats or yoga pants and short sleeve as well as long-sleeve top, and SOCKS you don’t mind getting oily. Comfy clothes for sitting and moving (and if you are doing oil massage, wear clothes that you don’t mind wearing after oiling/washing off oil).


Includes $20 worth of self-care products!
$60 after January 12th
Limited space available!

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