Real Simply, Thank You!!

We are so happy, proud, and grateful to announce an article about the barns at Dragonfly Yoga in the April 2014 issue of REAL SIMPLE Magazine! Ashley Tate, writer and retreat guest of ours, has done a beautiful job of chronicling our process of finding, taking down, and restoring the 3 barns that sit happily here at Dragonfly. Thank you, Ashley!!! And Christopher Churchill is a talented and fun photographer that made us feel “at home” in the midst of a full-day photo shoot. Thank you, Chris! Together these two artists have brought our projects to light, and we are incredibly excited! Please pick up your issue and enjoy!!

Thank you for the wonderful outpouring of love and shared excitement over something as “simple” as seeing our antique barns and silly faces in a national magazine!

Much Love,

Katie & Declan

1 thought on “Real Simply, Thank You!!”

  1. Katie, so nice to see your smiling face in the magazine! Proudly picked mine up at the local Rite Aid, and told the cashier all about it. We are so lucky that you share with us, that we can practice in such a sacred space. Congratulations–you guys deserve every happiness!

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